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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Curio's Sweetheart Skin!

I'm wearing the new skin from Curio called Sweetheart, released in time to spice up all of your Valentine's Day lingerie!

The Sweetheart collection comes in five tones: Bean, Petal, Sundust, Moonbeam and Acorn. Every skintone contains six makeups with two versions each. The makeups are soft and sweet with subtly shaded eyelids and luscious lip colors. The eye makeups are astonishing and varied, there's a look here to match every sl personality. The names are so cute and fit the adorable faces... Beguiling, Deeply Madly, Jealous, Love Fool and Rose. I especially like the dramatic look of the Love Fool face with the streaming tears and heartshaped mime mask.

What's truly fabulous about this skin release are the six tatoo eyebrows that are included with every skin. I've been waiting a long time for Gala Phoenix to give us a redhead and with this skin release we have a dark auburn and a light ginger.

The Sweetheart body has an extraordinarily beautiful skin texture. The slight blemishing throughout gives her a realistic skintone. She has a soft feminine belly with nice shading and illustration at the clavical, shoulderblades, ribs and curvy buttocks. Pricewise, Curio skins are some of the most affordable on the grid. An individual makeup which consists of both light & dark tones with freckled versions of each or 8 skins, costs $L1000. An entire skintone or 48 skins costs $L1500. The fatpacks have been replaced with a megapack which is the best value and contains every single makeup in all five skintones for $L3000, that's 240 skins! Bravo Gala Phoenix for a job well done!

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