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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kuri Style Discounted Dresses!

Kuri Style has a ton of discounted clothing in the shop that's well made and very affordable. If you're on a budget and looking for a party dress, you're sure to find one here. The shoes I'm wearing are the NEW Lotus Pumps from BAIASTICE. I really like the fringe on the Scull Dress and the cute knee socks. This outfit cost $L2 and is so charming.

The Mind Of Kuri is a jumpsuit with a ton of detail for FREE!

The Klimt Black is $L30 and has a semi sheer shirt and layered flexi skirt.

The Blue Dot dress has a babydoll skirt accented with a green scarf and matching socks for $L2.

The Red Cat is another colorful dress that's so affordable at $L2. The folder contains a red or green cat shirt and two skirts.

The Snow Fairy is a FREEBIE from Xmas 2009. The snowflake detail on the texture is lovely, this dress is so cute!

The Leopard dress is on sale for $L2 and is absolutely adorable!

To see more go here :)

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