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Monday, February 21, 2011

More Curio At The Skin Fair - Yum2!

Yum2 is the other new skin from Curio at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair!

When Yum was originally released, it elicited some strong responses from people, they either loved or hated it. I loved it and think this new collection is even better. Yum2 has high cheek bones, a slightly wider nose and plump luscious lips. The dark red and grape lipsticks are fabulous, they look wet and glisten. The eyes are dark with subtly shaded shadows. This face is very fresh and youthful, definitely one of a kind.

The Yum2 body, like all Curio skins, has a fabulous skin texture in rich, realistic shades. The illustration is perfection. She has a soft feminine belly, a cute little navel and a curvy round butt. If you're a Yum fan you'll need to check out the Yum2 collection.

Truth Hair Odette
Poetic Colors Gold Sapphire Eyes
INSOLENCE Deborah Blue Embroidered Bra & Panties
To see more go here :)

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  1. This skin looks absolutely beautiful on you. Great layout as well.