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Monday, March 14, 2011

Curio's Sexy New Lustre Skin!

I'm wearing Lustre the newest face from Curio!

In my opinion, this skin has a more sophisticated look than other Curio releases. The Lustre collection comes in five skintones with six unique makeups, two versions each: Glamour Puss, Luxe, Patina, Posey, Pure and Shimmer. The delicate and refined eyebrow is a medium brown shade and illustrated extremely well. Like all Curio skins she has a fresh and glowing complexion. The makeups are soft and sweet with lightly shaded eyelids and luscious lipsticks. I really like the black eyeliner on Glamour Puss and the glistening red lips on Luxe.

What I like most about the Lustre skinline is the extra tatoo eyebrows, blonde and dark brown that are included with every skin. The blonde brow is very lovely, it completely changes the look of this face. I was truly disappointed that a red brow wasn't included too... Please Gala gives us red brows next time too :)

Lustre has an incredible body! This skin has a rich texture with excellent highlights and shading. The detail at her chest, back and especially her curvy buttocks is truly phenomenal. What more can I say, this skin is perfection and definitely Gala Phoenix's best work to date. An individual makeup consists of both light & dark tones, with freckled versions for each or 8 skins and costs $L1000. An entire skintone or 48 skins costs $L1500. The fatpack has been replaced with a megapack, which is your best value and contains every single makeup, 240 skins for $L3000.

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