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Friday, April 22, 2011

Natural Beauty's Malinka

I'm wearing Malinka, the stunning new face from Natural Beauty!

Malinka comes in 8 skintone packs: pale, fair, medium, sunkissed, tan, deep tan, mocha and ebony. Each skin pack contains 10 makeups in an array of sultry looks. You get a brow shaper, an alpha layer to remove eyelashes, 2 skins with either a brown or slightly lighter brown eyebrow and cleavaged versions of each. I like the couture makeup 5, the eyeshadow is brilliant, and also the bright red lips on makeup 8.

Miah McAuley has perfected her technique and it show in this skin. The shading and highlights are excellent especially at the cleavage and navel. The only issue I have with Malinka is the brow color. The light and dark versions both look identical to me. In my opinion, instead of a light or dark brown eyebrow, something more noticeably different like a red or light blonde brow would have provided more variety. Price wise this skin is very affordable, a single skin pack containing 10 makeups or 40 skins costs $L1490 ($6.99).

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