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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Curio's New Summer Skin!

I'm wearing Summer, the soon to be released new skin from Curio! She's a beauty too :)

The Summer collection has a fresh, youthful face with 5 vibrant skintones and 6 seasonal makeups. Each makeup comes in 2 versions with cute summertime names like Humid, Lake, Pebble, Pure, Summer Smolder and Wild Strawberry. The makeups are clean, sheer looks, just what you'd wear on a warm summer afternoon. I really like the subtle eye shadows on all of the makeups, but I love love love the crimson lips on Wild Strawberry2. Summer has a well drawn eyebrow, a soft creamy complexion with a pert little nose and pouty well drawn lips.

Like all Curio bodies, Summer has a creamy smooth, flawless skintone. Bravo Gala Phoenix on this beautiful new skinline!

Truth Hair Valerie & Kelsey
Lelutka Cobalt Eyes
To see more go here :)

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