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Thursday, June 2, 2011


The new releases at Truth are very stylish and will look fabulous on you. Cecilia has a color change band with an off option on the long pigtail draped over the right shoulder. Cecilia has lots of loose ends that move with you when you walk. The hair includes a wig that streaks in 63 colors.

Miku is a shoulder length wavy cut that comes with a color change bow that can be turned off. Miku comes with a standard wig and one that streaks in 63 shades.

Teshan has extra long wavy locks flowing over both shoulders and down the back. This hair comes with a streaking version and split attachment points.

Lucia is a very pretty updo with lots of curls piled on top of the head and features a color change headband and streaking version.

NEW Apple May Designs Teegan in Tan
pc Secret Blue Eyes
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