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Monday, June 13, 2011

NEW Truth Hair & Glitter Group Gift!

Truth has two new styles in the shop that are really cute. Danni has two short ponytails and a forelock with color change hairbands. You get the standard wig and one that streaks in 63 colors.

June is a long hairstyle that features two different bangs. I like how the hair is pushed behind the shoulders and drapes down the back. This hair also comes with a wig that streaks in 63 colors in both bang versions.

The Glitter Blue Hawaii is a special gift from Shine Messmer for her rezz day! HAPPY REZZ DAY SHINE!! You must be a member of the VIP Group and wear your group tag to pick this gift up in the shop.

LAQ Nellie Peach Glow Makeup 5 w/Cleavage
NEW pc Classic Blue Hour Eyes
Kalnins Footwear Orchid in Blue
To see more go here :)

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