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Sunday, September 2, 2012

CandyDoll's Patricia!

I'm wearing Patricia the newest skin release from CandyDoll!
Patricia features 4 skintones with 7 makeups, costing $L2999 each fatpack. This stunning new face has 'cat eye' black eyeliner, a shapely black eyebrow and CandyDoll trademark luscious lips. The makeups have a color theme with artfully shaded eye shadow and vivid lipsticks. I especially like the Green makeup, the eyeshadow and lipstick are a pretty combination. What's unique about the CandyDoll skins is you get 16 skins in each makeup pack. You get skins with or without teeth, with or without hairbases and skins in each cleavage size 'a' to 'd', that's alot of skins! Sold separately are two packs of tattoo lipsticks featuring 7 colors with and without teeth for L100 each.
The Patricia body has a clean, clear appearance with nice shading and highlights throughout. Bravo Rebeca Dembo for this stunning new skin collection.
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