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Saturday, September 29, 2012

NEW Truth Hair!

TRUTH has added a new color pack called FADES that contains 13 wigs with blended or faded hair textures. DEMI is a new hair release that I'm wearing in one of the new colors called Frappucino. This pretty look has a trendy pompadour on top and a partial ponytail in back. The rest of the long hair drapes attractively over the shoulder and down the back. The folder contains the standard wig and a version with streaks, plus you get 13 matching hairbases.
The other new hairstyle released today is called UMA, and I'm wearing the delicious new FADES color called Demi. UMA is a long thick head of hair that falls in a curling wave over both shoulders and down the back. I like the way this style frames your face. The FADES color pack costs a little more at $L300, but the sheer number and variety of hair textures is worth it.

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