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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Damiani Valentina RED & BLACK Dress

I felt like blogging something old but stylish too. Damiani has some wonderfully creative designs that stand the test of time. This dress comes with 4 skirts, 2 solid textures and 2 sheer. The print at the top of the stockings matches the skirt quite nicely.

The fur or felt detail around the edge of the shirt is a great detail. This is a lovely deep dark shade of red. All of my jewelry is by Purple Rose, a favorite of mine is the Platinum Arrow Heart Locket. Inside I have a picture of my sl partner Daxx. I'm wearing Bella's ring that he gave me when we partnered back in March. I'm also wearing the Platinum Weave Bracelets.

My skin and eyes are by Laroqki called Emma in Olive 06, and Sparkley Lagoon Eyes. My hair is Quinnlynn by Damselfly The shoes are by Slade & Humby called Fairy-tale in Red.

This outfit still looks good, it's been sitting in my inventory for over a year! Hope to see you shopping in sl... :)

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