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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Total Betty PB & J Cupcake

I've been busy in rl and haven't had the time to post. But this girly dress needs to be shown off. It's by Total Betty called PB&J Cupcake, a very appropriate name. I love the full skirt on my avatar, I sometimes have trouble fitting skirts but this one needed no adjustments.

My Necklace is from Purple Rose Called the Flourish Set. It's color changeable and has matching earrings that my hair covers. The Platinum Weave Bracelets are also from Purple Rose. My hairdo is a favorite of my partner's so I wear it most often, it's from Damselfly called Quinnlynn in Starfish blonde. My skin is from Laroqki called Emma in Olive.
This dress is so very pretty, the skirt shimmers when I walk. It has a cute purple flower on the bodice, a very nice detail. The colors are so vivid, I think I do look like a cupcake, "Delicious"... This is the ultimate party dress.
I love these shoes by Kalnins. They are color changeable with an easy drop down menu, you get dozens of different looks. I love anything I can change the colors on and coordinate with my outfits. They're very stylish too!

You can always find me browsing all the wonderful shops in sl... Hope to see you in world!

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