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Sunday, June 28, 2009

4 Bikini's by Total Betty Fatpack

I enjoyed my shopping excursion at the new Starlust a la mode on grand opening day. Theres a great collection of stores, some fabulous designers all on one sim. I was like a kid in a candy store. Total Betty is one of my favorite designers in sl, she's so very creative. These bikini's are just a small sample of her work. I saved 100L buying the fatpack on opening day, all 4 bikini's have great textures and very fine attention to detail.

This first bikini is called Lucky Charms. I added a skirt which I wore to the Shelter Euro Pool Party this morning. My skin and eyes are by Laqroki, Bridget 07 Portrait Skin and Sparkly Lagoon Eyes. I love the freckles on this skin and the rich tan. The jewelry I'm wearing is by Dahlinks, Urban Cheek - Pink Pearl, the pearls actually look white. My hair is by Armidi, Superponytail in Platinum Ivory. I really like hair with bangs.

The second bikini in my fatpack is called Vixen Swimsuit, it has a retro feel to it, the bottoms are quite tiny. I'm wearing my Black Cowboy hat by Wild Style to shade my fair skin from the sun. The hair under my hat is by Shop Seu called KuruKuru in Blonde. This hair looks great with a hat, it's easy to adjust it wearing this wig. My skin and eyes are by Laqroki, Alice 06 Portrait Skin and Green Summer Eyes. The jewelry is new from ICon called BM necklace and bracelets, they have a sizing script to get the fit just right. There are 4 necklaces in the pack, I'm showing the triple strand in white. This necklace looks great with beachwear.
The third bikini in my fatpack is called Jewelled Hearts, it's so cute, it has a sculptie heart between the breast. My jewelry is by Dryad Designs called Carnivale Shopping Bag, it was a freebie marked down for a couple of hours. I really like the designs by Dryad, she puts alot into each piece. I'm getting quite a collection of her creations. The set encludes a necklace, bracelet, earrings and an ankle bracelet, they are all copiable which is fabulous. I like adding jewelry to my outfit folders. I'm also wearing my belly stud from Xcite. My skin is by Laroqki called Kat 08 in Peach Glow w/o the hairbase. I love the lips on this skin, a bright ruby red. My hair is from Damselfly called Layla in Starfish Cool Blonde. I think my avatar is quite smexy!
The fourth and final bikini is called End of the Rainbow, I love the bright colors on this suit. Skin and Eyes by Laroqki, Emma Olive 06 Portrait Skin and Sparkly Lagoon Eyes. The Hair is another style by Damselfly called Calyssa in Starfish Blonde Cool. The Golden Coin necklace, earrings and bracelet are by A la Folie. The scuplt heart belly stud is a freebie from Purple Rose.
I had a blast shopping at Starlust a la mode and found some great bargains. Hope you enjoyed this preview of my loot. See you in sl!

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