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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hatpins Lady Effie Dress - Group Gift

I always get excited when I get a notice from Miss Reghan Straaf owner of Hatpins that she has released a new group gift. I drop everything I'm doing and tp to her store to pick this gift up. Her hats are exquisite in detail. She carries this attention to detail over to the dresses she just recently started designing to match her lovely hats. What I'm showing here is the Lady Effie Dress in Crimson with the wide full skirt. Unlike the hats that she creates, the dresses are mod/no copy/transfer. There are 2 different collars, sleeves and skirts to choose from. You even get a pair of red victorian earrings in the folder.
I chose the collar with the Crimson Brooch to match the earrings. I'm also wearing a Hatpins hat called Lady Annette in Crimson that was a group gift several months ago. It matches this dress to a tee. I love the feather and rose attached to the side of the hat. All of her hats are no modify but the newer designed hats include a resizing script to get that perfect fit. A common problem with many hats is that the hair goes right through them. This can be easily fixed, as long as the hair is modifiable. She includes in all her scripted hats instructions on how edit your hair to make the hat fit.
This last picture is a view of the Bustled Skirt. The detail is amazing right down to the buttons on the white striped undershirt and sleeves. This is a great victorian look in a wonderfully deep color of crimson red. While at Hatpins to get my group gift, I also picked up the 4th of July hat that I'll blog about closer to the holiday.

Hope you liked this peek at my style in sl, see you in world!

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