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Friday, July 10, 2009

3 Fabulous SL Designers - A la Folie, Paper Couture and Mimikri

When I logged into sl this morning, the first notecard I received was from Pixivor Allen of A la Folie with pictures of 6 dresses newly released. I was drooling as I looked at the pictures! I know I want all of these dresses and will pick one up every week till I have them all. I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted first, and finally settled on this lovely dress called Brise d'Ete. I love the way the skirt fits my avatar, the way it sways back and forth almost like it's alive. All of her clothes usually fit me right out of the folder but she does include resizer scripts to get that perfect fit. The texture on this lovely dress is delicious, the quality is undeniable. She creates all her own textures and wears the outfit in world a week before she releases to the public. I love the prim ruffled attachments on both arms that make this dress stand out. The folder also includes a pair of lovely orange (omg I'm in heaven) heels that match the dress perfectly. The jewelry I'm wearing is also designed by A la Folie, it's called Collier Pastilles d'or. This set includes matching earrings necklace and bracelet. I absoluetly love this dress and jewelry. Pixivor Allen's creations are brilliant!


This beautiful dress is designed by Paper Couture, it's called Lush Red Glitter Gown. It is stunning to the eye, a work of art. The exquisite detail of the skirt makes this gown stand out at any sl gathering. The colors are a lovely combination of purple, red and gold. My only complaint with this dress is there are not enough layers. I actually had to add an underwear layer. The folder included 1 prim skirt, 1 prim shirt and 1 undershirt layer. NO PANTIES? Maybe it was an accidental oversite by this designer but I have come across a few couture outfits in sl without panties, what's that about? When I was a newb, one of the first outfits I ever wore and was so proud of, didn't come with panties. As a newb I had no clue that under this huge skirt I was wearing there were no glitch pants, I didnt know what glitch pants were yet. I was so embarrassed when it was pointed out in local chat that I was missing my undies. I should have given this person a hard time for camming under my gown, but I was clueless and just tp'd away, my face burning with embarrassment. The moral of that story is to never leave your sl house without camming under your skirt to be sure everything is in order :) Anyway, this is a beautiful gown, I especially like the golden coins attached to the purple feathery skirt.


This lovely dress is by Mimikri called Sina Stripes, it sort of looks like cotton candy to me. The folder includes 1 shirt and 1 pant layer plus an upper skirt prim, lower skirt white lace prim and a waistband. This is a beautiful dress, I've gotten so many compliments when I wear it. The texture and detail on this fine quality work is amazing. I've become a big fan of Mimikri clothing and always look forward to new releases. My Bare Lauren Stilettoes in pink and gray look fabulous and complete this outfit.

The wonderful craftsmanship and attention to tiny detail earn all three of these designers high praise in sl. If you've never visited their shops, I highly recommend a walk through. I'm sure you'll see some extroadinary talent and artistry when you visit.

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