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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freebies & Lemania Indigo 100L Gown

This is a free skin by Lara Skins called Aida. The make up is very nice not over done, the eyes especially pop. It has a rich dark tan and sort of glows on my avatar. When you tp into the store it's right there at the landing point, you cant miss it.

This club going dress is a freebie from Selina Designs called Calca Puple Micro Mini. I like the color and texture on the bra and skirt. I'm wearing my new Stiletto Moody Bare Lauren Heels. These shoes will make any outfit from couture to freebie look fabulous!

It must have been a purple day on Tuesday, I found alot of purple freebies. This gown is a freebie from Selina Designs called Purple Penny. This gown is so pretty, the skirt is unique, it's not too full. The necklace I'm wearing is another freebie from [glow] Studio called Cherryflow Necklace. When you walk into the shop there are 2 gift bags set out prominently on a table. The other freebie was in yesterday's post. This necklace is the same color as my Bare Lauren Heels and really looks fabulous with this gown.
I saw this gown being modeled at Lemania Indigo, the hat immediately caught my attention. I'm a sucker for a dress with a matching hat. Lemania Indigo is a prolific designer in sl, I feature almost all of her retiring outfits for 1L. On Tuesday I just had to have this hat and gown, at 100L it was really a bargain. I'm sure I'll get a chance to wear this gown at the Formal on Sunday nights at the Shelter, there's sure to be a purple theme one of these weeks. I'm wearing my dollarbie hair from ETD called Lily. It's easy to fit a hat on my head wearing this hair. You get so many colors of this wig, for 1L it's definitely a terrific buy.

This outfit was sent to me because I hit the subscriber board in the store while shopping. It doesnt take up a group slot and I love the gifts sent out for joining. This outfit is called Mariposa AC Monarch Silks. The butterfly texture is beautiful, this outfit is so very seksi. I'm wearing the free Cherryflow Necklace from glow studio and my Bare Lauren Stiletto Moody Heels in Purple. I think I look fabulous!

This sweet little pajama outfit was the retiring freebie of the day at Lemania Indigo on Monday. It's called Bed Time Fun - Tangerine. I love the color. As I've mentioned before, Lemania retires one outfit every day for 1L. If you happened to miss this outfit, she keeps them all in the dressing room on her sim for about a week. You can tp to the dressing room and pick this up if you missed it on Monday. I tp'd to the dressing room just to be sure the url still worked and sure enough there were things there I missed earlier in the week. I'll be previewing them in another post.

This dress was the retired outfit for 1L on 7-7-2009 at Lemania Indigo. This is another dress that I love the color Tangerine. The texture sort of shimmers, it's a beautiful design. This dress looks so seksi with my Bare Lauren Stilettoes in White. The Pearls I'm wearing are not a freebie they're from Virtual Impressions called Danielle Gem Set in White Lustre.

This was all the loot I put together on Tuesday. I found some great bargains. Hope you liked this peek at my syle in sl, see you at the Malls...

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