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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lemania Indigo - 7Seas Fishing Prize - Goldfish

Leamnia and Lestat have opened a new 7Seas Fishing area at the French Farm sim. Lemania has created this interesting dress as the first custom catch, it's called Goldfish. One look at this eclectic outfit will tell you that it's inspired by the goldfish. It has a Hair Shell as a headpiece. The hair and shoes are included, all in the same fabulous goldfish texture. The shoes have a little goldfish on the top of them, so very cute! The skirt actually resembles fish scales too. This is a fun and campy outfit. You will have a one in ten chance of scooping this outfit up any time you have a successful catch, so it shouldn't be long before this Goldfish is yours :) Good luck fishing ladies!

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