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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lemania Indigo - August Flickr Gift - Desert Moment Lemania's Flickr Group Main Lm for Lemania & Lestat's Specials

Lemania Indigo has reopened, bigger and better than ever, all is right in the world again :) The start of the August Moon hunt began yesterday and runs till the end of the month. There are 30 moons to find on the Lemania sim. The shopkeepers have been busy too, at last count they have over 40 more moons for you to find. Whenever there's a hunt, there's a flickr contest. It's actually not a contest at all but a chance for you to get a beautiful dress as a gift. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself in one of the August Moon Hunt items, and post it on the Lemania Flickr Group with the appropriate title, and Lemania will send you a stunning dress. This month the exclusive dress is called Desert Moment, and it's a real stunner.

Desert Moment has a beautiful coral texture with a cream colored medallion throughout. The long flowing skirt moves like liquid when I walk. This is a complete outfit. Inside the folder you'll find the matching scarf in the same texture as the dress and a pair of cream colored pumps with black bows.
This is a gorgeous gown for very little effort. Be sure to post those pictures on Flickr!

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