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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lemania Indigo - Special of the Day - Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow is a movie star legend. This dress is a fabulous representation of the kind of gowns she wore in her hayday. The poster below is a real life picture of Jean Harlow. It's an advertisement for Lucky Strike Cigarettes, I got a good laugh reading it.

The design of this gown is extraordinary. The texture is a sparkly silver, so beautiful. The skirt moves like liquid when I walk. I love love love this gown!
The fur stole looks so good, Lemania did a wonderful job designing this outfit. I dont want to take it off, I feel so glamous. The poster, gloves, fur stole and platform heels are all included, this is a gorgeous gown fit for any formal occassion. Jean Harlow is one of the Specials of the Day at Lemania Indigo for 100L.
***Click on picture of larger view***

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  1. muy bueno el blog !!! saludos desde Argentina.