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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lois Designs - August Moon Hunt - August Moon

The August Moon Hunt is happening right now through August at the shops on the Lemania sim. I'm hoping to get to every shop before the end of the month, there's sure to be lots of goodies. I made it to Lois Designs yesterday and was so thrilled with my loot. There are 10 moons in her shop which are all easy to locate. Each moon is 1L, but what you get for your 10L is so amazing! Inside the moons were so many combinations of this beautiful dress called appropriately August Moon.

There's at least 6 different looks that I came up with, I'm sure there's many more. This outfit can go from evening wear to a club dance outfit, it covers every type of event you can imagine. This is a beautiful texture, a golden yellow and chocolate color that goes together so well. Some of the textures sparkle some are solid yellow and chocolate. I really like the strapless look and the one shirt with cap sleeves, they are my favorite.

This is a fabulous design for 10L. Lois Allen knows how to construction a beautiful skirt. August Moon is a wonderful example of her expertise at designing :)

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