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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sascha's Designs - Tante Truus Blue

Late last night I recieved a group notice from Sascha Frangelli herself saying she couldn't sleep and decided to put a gown on sale for 200L called Tante Truus Blue. Most people are miserable when they cant sleep, but Sascha comes online and discounts one of her beautiful designs. I am a huge Sascha fan and tp'd over to check it out. The deep shade of blue is what really cinched it for me, I knew I had to have this dress. This is the battleship skirt, so beautiful! Sascha knows how to make a gorgeous gown, it's her specialty.

Inside the folder you get 3 other skirts too, a sleek and normal flexi skirt, plus a system skirt. You have 4 ways to wear this lovely design. All the flexi skirts have a graceful movement to them. I dont want to take this gown off.
***Click on picture for larger view***

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