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Friday, August 14, 2009

SHAMPOOO - New Release - Sexy Tank Tops & Span Skirts - ALL COLORS

Shampooo is about to release a new line of Sexy Tank Tops and Span Skirts, in so many yummy textures. The tanks come in 13 different colors and all layers, this makes them tatoo friendly. The tanks are quite sexy since they're very low cut in the front and back, revealing lots cleavage and skin on the shoulders and back.

The flexi Span Skirts are a great design, you get a single and double tier in each color, it's nice to get 2 different looks with each skirt. I like how the flexi skirts move so smoothly on my avatar when I walk. The texture is very pretty, a cable knit sweater which is a nice detail. The tops of the pants have a black band at the waist that is covered by the jacket layer. The rest of the pants are in the knit texture, but can be worn alone as shorts. Put the tanks and skirts together and you have a sexy look.

Pink Tank/Pink Skirt..... Black Tank/Black Skirt

Blue Gray Tank/Black Skirt..... Blue Tank/Blue Skirt
Light Blue Tank/Black Skirt..... Moss Green Tank/Green Skirt
Purple Tank/Purple Skirt..... Red Tank/Black Skirt
Violet Tank/Purple Skirt..... Wine Red Tank/Black Skirt
Yellow Tank/Gold Skirt..... Yellow Green Tank/Green Skirt
Brown Jacket Layer with Green Skirt..... Various Jacket Layers and Skirts
There's so many different combinations, the tanks and skirts are interchangeable, you can mix and match the colors. I really like this line of skirts and tanks by Shampooo.... thank you Miru Luik for this sneak peek at your new work.

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