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Friday, September 4, 2009

Lemania Indigo - Paisley Gypsy

Paisley Gypsy is a new release today from Lemania Indigo. This is a pretty outfit in a paisley texture with hints of green, black, white and red. The white undershirt layer has a floral texture, it really looks pretty with the shirt layer corset.
The skirts are unique, you get 2 skirts one attached to the pelvis, the other to the stomach. The stockings are ribbons in the same texture going up the leg, and of course you get the matching slippers. Paisley Gypsy is one of the specials of the day at Lemania & Lestat's, for the next 24 hours it's 100L The long flowing hair is by Damselfly Hair Salon called Echo in Dusky Blonde.

****Click on picture for larger view****

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