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Saturday, September 5, 2009

She's So Unusual Shoes

She's So Unusual Shoes has a wonderful variety of pumps that were released in August. This is just a small sample of what you can find at the shop.

First up are the Absinthe Lace Trim Pumps. They come in 9 colors. I really like the lace trimming on this shoe.
The Black and White TriRose T-Straps you can find in the Midnight Mania Board at the store.
The Cointreau Victorian Cameo Low Pumps have pointed toes with a gold chain, cameo and a bit of frothy lace.
The Sangria Corset Wedges are very cute, they have corset lacing up the back of the thin, stylized wedge heel. They come in 8 fabulous colors.

I'm glad to see that Rowan Carroll, Owner/Designer for SSUS has a sense of humor. The Noob Heels can be found in the the Midnight Mania board.
When I put the Noob Slippers on I laughed out loud, these are a novelty and cute too!
Last but not least are the Rhubarb Penis Pumps. Yes they have a very interesting heel, I'm sure these shoes will spark lots of conversation when worn :)
I can see that Rowan Carroll has put her heart and soul (plus some body parts) into making She's So Unusual Shoes. You'll find something for everyone at her shop.
****Click on pictures for larger views****
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