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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

KessKreations & Moonshine Designs Etheria Collaboration

Etheria - When Jewelers Dream... I'm looking forward to checking out this event which starts this weekend on 6-13 and runs through 6-20. It's an interesting concept where clothing designers are inspired to create an outfit to compliment a jewelry piece, instead of the other way around. There are some fabulous clothing and jewelry designers participating too. I'm previewing a dress from Moonshine Designs that beautifully compliments a jewelry piece by KessKreations.

When I put this dress and jewelry on, I was truly impressed. They look like they were made for each other, and they were! When Shelly Toonie of Moonshine Designs saw the Shelly Necklace designed by Kesseret Steeplechase of KessKreations, her first thoughts were of the goddess of spring and rebirth. She designed the Maia Dress which is a combination of earthy tones on a cream and floral fabric. The ensemble gives one a whimsical feeling when wearing. I sort of felt like a wench from an 18th century novel ready to serve up some food and ale. The Shelly Necklace has a large chain with numerous dangling charms. The necklace is scripted to texture change the roses, metals, gemstones, bow and accents. I love color change jewelry! Be sure to check out Etheria this weekend! Visit HERE for more information as the date comes closer to the event for a landmark.

NEW Lelutka Lola Tan-Makeup 3 w/Dark Brows & Lola Lashes
NEW Fab U lous Hair Bebe in Black
NEW Amacci Real Eyes in Turquoise
KessKreations Amyla White Pearl Earrings
NEW G Field Short Boots in Camel w/color change laces & eyelets
To see more go here :)


  1. I apologize for not getting to this sooner but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to wear, blog, and photograph Shelly's and my Etheria collaboration. I am also glad you love the earrings!
    Those shoes totally fit the outfit too, which was something that took me 20 minutes to find and I think yours look much much better.

  2. It was my pleasure, the clothing and jewelry are so beautiful... ty for sending them!!!