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Sunday, June 6, 2010

NEW Lelutka Lola Tan Skin All Makeups

The Lola skin from Lelutka has been out for a couple of weeks, but it's new for me. I had told myself I wasn't going to get it... you know how that goes. I kept seeing it on the feeds and finally justified my purchase (in my mind) by picking up the tan tone since all my other Lelutka skins are in pale or light. My only disappointment is not with the skin but with myself. You see I'm not using the new viewer yet so I cant see the lipstick layers included in the folder. This gives me some incentive to try the new viewer again... NOT... I wont switch till I have too :) Anyway... This skin is perfection even without the lipsticks. Lola comes with a base and 7 pretty eye makeups. This face is gorgeous with high cheekbones and well proportiond lips. I'm particularly fond of the eyebrows, they're drawn so nicely and have substance. The eyeshadows are done really well too, makeup 3 is quite beautiful and my favorite.

The shading of the Lola body at the buttocks, shoulder blades and clavical is exceptional highlighting the bones and muscles. Although to my eye, it seems a bit heavy from the ribs to the stomach. What's nice about this release is that it includes a cleavage shirt on all layers. It's called a cleavage volumizer with a very slight shading above the breast area. The chest is not pushed together like most other cleavage layers just slightly made larger. The cleavage volumizer is a nice addition!

There are quite a few extras included with the skin such as eyebrows that are shaped nicely. Lola Lashes that are unique and fit well, I didnt have to adjust them at all. And finally you get a bun and nymph wig in both blonde and dark versions. I really like the hair alot! Lelutka is one of my favorite brands in sl. Minnu Palin is a very talented skinmaker I think she outdid herself with Lola :)

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