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Saturday, June 5, 2010

NEW Lyriope Aura Skin Pale All Makeups

Lyriope has a gorgeous NEW skin release called Aura that's available in 3 skintones: pale, medium and tan. I'm previewing the pale skintone which glows with a creamy and realistic texture. Each individual makeup comes with a light or dark brow which is ample and shapely. I like that it's not pencil thin like so many brows today. The lips are well proportioned and shaded nicely in every makeup. The lipsticks go from palest pink to a deep shade of crimson. Some of the eyes have a thin to heavy eyeliner, while others have no eyeliner at all. There's so much variety in the eyeshadows and they're all very colorful and bright. Aura has a sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her nose and a beauty mark that rests on her right cheek. What's truly special about Aura is the wonderful assortment of 18 makeups available, it's hard to choose just one.

This is a view of both the light and dark brow side by side.

The Body of the Aura Skin is illustrated really well. I must admit to finding the buttocks and belly very sexy. This skin is a beauty, but I do have 2 issues. The fact that there is no cleavage layer or hairbase. I really like having both of those options in a skin. Other than that, this skin is perfection. The Lyriope Aura Skin is priced at 800L for a single skinpack. You can also pick up a small fatpack of 6 assorted makeups for 4000L or a complete fatpack of all 18 makeups for 10,000L.

Blacklace Sweetness Bra & Panty in Olive
LAQ Dazzling Eden Green Eyes
Redgrave Elemental Eyelashes 16
VDI Demeter III in Light Brown & Beige
Courtisane LaSauvage Heels in Olive
To see more go here :)

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