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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pixel Mode Sculpted Nail Platinum Edition Gloss

I'm a Prim Nail freak, I own so many different and beautiful designs. I saw the Pixel Mode Sculpted Nails on the feeds and off I went in search of them. This is a nice set of nails since they come in so many assorted colors and 3 lengths: normal, long and fetish. The best part about the nails are the gloves that are included for so many different skins. I'm wearing a LAQ skin and the glove perfectly matches and enhances the look of the nail. The gloves included are for: Belleza, Curio, LAQ, OC, PXL, Redgrave, Rockberry, Tuli, Uzuri, Blowpop and a white glove... Wow some of these skinmakers I never heard of and will have to check out their skins since I'm such a skin freak too :) I really like the handlock that is included with these nails. No matter how your AO moves you or you stand, your nails are always positioned correctly. The Pixel Mode Sculpted Nails are well worth the 300L price tag since you get so many wonderful options.

to see more go here :)

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