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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NEW Curio Ice Queen!

I'm wearing the newest skin release from Curio called Ice Queen!

The Ice Queen face embodies the classic features of Autumn with the scrumptious lips of Yum. Gala Phoenix has given us something absolutely new in a curio skin... tatoo eyebrows and lipsticks! The lipsticks come as a bonus with the fatpack. What I found truly exciting about this skin release, is the tatoo eyebrows work perfectly with all other curio skins of the same skintone! I was like a kid in a candystore trying on older skins with the new brows and lips. The tatoo lipsticks are so lovely too, the lips are plump and juicy. This sexy pout is definitely one of my favorite. The eyebrows are perfect, I espcially like the blonde shade.

The 12 makeups that come with the fatpack are exquisite. The eyeshadows are subtle, but beautiful. Customizing your own look with tatoo eyeshadow from other designers will be very easy. Gala Phoenix has definitely hit it out of the ballpark with this lovely face.

The Ice Queen body is expertly illustrated with perfect shading at her best features, the soft feminine tummy and curvy buttocks. This skin is priced at $L1000 for a single makeup which includes a light & dark tone with a freckled version for each. You also get the blonde and black tatoo eyebrow for both dark and light tones. The fatpack costs $L3000 for 12 makeups in both light and dark tones with freckled and non-freckled versions of each. That's 48 skins! You also get a blonde and black tatoo eyebrow and the 6 bonus tatoo lipsticks which you NEED! Bravo Gala Phoenix for this beautiful skin, it's definitely your best work to date!

To see more go here :)

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