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Saturday, December 25, 2010

NEW Truth Hair & Subscribo Christmas Gift!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Truth has two new long hairstyles in the shop that are simply adorable. Both hairs come with split attachment points, plus your standard wig and one that's scripted to streak in 63 colors. First up is Jolie. On one side of your face the hair is pulled behind the ear, on the other side the hair rests at the shoulder. I like the way the hair cacasdes down your back in long wavy tendrils. The other new style is called Kai. This hair is pulled up on top into two buns and has bangs that come as a separate attachment point. The long hair drapes over both shoulders and down the back. Both styles are just fabulous!

In the subscribo at the shop you'll find a Christmas present waiting! There's a hair/hat combo for the guys called the Snow Drake and one for the girls called the Snow Kitty. Both come with a standard and streaking version, plus the hat is scripted to texture change. Thanks Truth, you're the best!

To see more go here :)

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