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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A-BOMB - No More Words & 25L Sale!

A-BOMB has a new release in their shop and it's adorable, they're also having a sale. Everything in the shop that is the color BLUE is marked down to 25L till Sunday. The sale includes this very cute outfit called No More Words. This outfit looks fabulous on my avatar, I especially like the black striped pants with the cuffs. The top has a crossbones and skull on the left hip, gives the shirt some flavor. I always have problems with cuffs on pants, most aren't adjustable and I can't wear them because they don't fit. I'm happy to say, these pants are really designed nicely and the cuffs are adjustable. I was able to adjust the cuffs to fit my rather large avatar legs. The chest piece and sleeves are adjustable too. This outfit now fits me to a tee. Overall, I really like this look and I'm on my way to check out the sale too!

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