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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hal*Hina - Camping for 20 mins

My new favorite obsession in sl is Hal*Hina. I've camped twice, hunted that pesky watermelon and just about bought out the hair department. This pretty dress is called Front Zipper in Ivory, I got it as a prize for camping 20 mins. Camping at the shop is for group members only, so be sure to join the group and wear your tag. This dress is a fabulous design, it's a strapless top, which I like alot. The folder includes 2 skirts, one longer than the other. The longer skirt has 2 underskirt attachments to the legs, which give it a fuller look when you're walking. I like this design on the longer skirt, it's innovative. The mini skirt is cute and very sexy. This is a great prize for a 20 min camp!

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