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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mashooka RFL 2010 Clothing Fair

I love the colors and fabrics of Indian Fashion and no one does a Saree as well as Mashooka. The Arpita Saree combined with the special edition Samara Skin, both exclusive to the Clothing Fair are stunning. The exquisitely detailed textures used on the bodice and skirt make this dress stand out. The bindi and vibrant blue eye shadow on the Samara Skin is stunning.

The Isha Gown is another design exclusive to the RFL Clothing Fair. Aradhana Voight has created this western style gown inspired by Indian textures. The blue pattern adorning the waist is an accent at the neckline. The dress includes 2 flexi's one worn at the waist for a more streamlined effect.

TP to Mashooka at the RFL 2010 Clothing Fair
Mashooka Isha White & Gray Set and The Royal Raiput Set in Gold/Amber
LAQ Hair Kira in Black
Truth Hair Tanya in Chocolate
Poetic Colors Carribean Sea Blue Eyes
Redgrave Glamour Eyelashes 5
To see more go here :)

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