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Saturday, March 20, 2010

NEW Lestat Reuven and New Tuli Eva Skin

Lestat Reuven has 3 NEW specials today on sale, 100L for 24 hours. First up, are the Bag End Jeans which are a very cool design. There's lots of detail on the stitched seams and pockets, the open belt is included.

NEW Tuli Eva Skin in Tone 4 Makeup 3 w/Brown Brows
I Love Olive Hair Milla in Mocha
LAQ Sparkly Water Eyes
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes
Slade & Humby Dr Slade Black Boots
Lestat Reuven Black Crow T-Shirt
Mandala Jewelry Rozoregalia Belial Necklace Type 4, Luck Silver Earrings & Takara Bangle/Black Fur & Leather w/Prim Nails & Rings

The Decadence pants set is adorable with the ruffled sleeves and includes the scarf and matching shoes.

NEW Tuli Eva Skin in Tone 4 Makeup 7 w/Brown Brows
Junewave Hair Marie Type B in Pink/Beige
LAQ Reflective True Blue Eyes
Amacci Beaute Eyelashes

The Ladies & Magenta-Men gown has to be one of the prettiest to date from Lestat Reuven. The contrast of the deep red bodice and white lacey bow and skirts is stunning.

NEW Tuli Eva Tone 4 Makeup 5b w/Brown Brows
Truth Hair Lillian in Seaspray
NEW Purple Rose Butterfly Embrace Necklace & Earrings Set, the gems, metals and pearls are all color changeable.
Poetic Colors Sunny Glade Green Eyes
Stiletto Moody Pinups in Badseed
To see more go here :)

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