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Saturday, March 20, 2010

NEW Tuli Eva Skin ALL Makeups in Tone 4!

Like the majority of skinlovers on the grid, I was very intriqued by the NEW release from Tuli called Eva. I had seen all the pre-release skins on the feeds and was curious to see how I would look in her. The first thing I noticed, trying on the demos, was the variety of makeups offered. Tuli Asturias knows what women want when it comes to makeup and the Eva collection is an amazing assortment. I couldn't decide which makeup was the most attractive, and talked myself into needing them all :) The folder of the tone 4 fatpack contains 3 eyebrow options: black, brown and blonde. I photographed the brown brow, it's my favorite. This is an exquisite face with rosy cheeks, an elegant brow and superb detail at the eyes, nose and luscious lips. The creamy complexion glows!

The body of Eva is so attractive with outstanding illustration. Tuli is definitely a master at her craft. The overall look of the skin has such a realistic appearance, it's so rich and creamy with soft and silky shades highlighting all the muscles and bone structure. Eva has a delicate and very sensuous body... what more can I say, this skin is beautiful. Try on a demo and I'm sure you'll agree. Congrats to Tuli for a job well done!

Truth Hair Melinda in Golden
Curio Tragic SkyBlue Eyes
Insolence Flore Pink Bra & Panty Ensemble
Stiletto Moody Bare Elizabeth Pink Diamonte
Caithlin Carter Designs Long Pink Prim Nails w/Ring
To see more go here :)

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