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Sunday, September 5, 2010

PXL Creations Dafne Skin

This is the NEW face from [PXL] Creations called Dafne in light tan.

To me, the most prominent feature of this face are the eyebrows. They're drawn exceptionally well and look realistic. What's really cool, is you get 3 colors: light, medium and dark eyebrows in every single makeup. I like having this choice, since some days I'm a blonde and other days I'm a brunette. I didn't photograph the freckles but they're included on the V2 tatoo layer along with an enhanced cleavage and eyeliner. You also get a cleavage on the undershirt layer. The 3 eyeshadows are nude, glam and extreme. The 7 lipsticks are nude, pale, bronze, pink, wine, rose and passion. In total, there's 27 makeups for each skin tone. Below is a sample of the makeups available in light tan.

Dafne has a luscious body, with sexy breasts, well-defined abs and a provocative derriere. What can I say, this skin is perfect. Bravo Hart Larsson for a job well done!

To see more go here :)

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