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Friday, September 24, 2010

NEW Truth Hair... Plus NEW Mynerva Skin!

Truth has released 3 new stylish looks. I photographed them in golden, one of my favorites shades of blonde. First up is Rayvn. This is a very pretty side ponytail that comes scripted to streak in 26 colors. Next is Maya. This hair comes with lots and lots of options. You get split attachment points so the hair doesn't sink into your chest. The hair is also scripted to streak in 26 colors, plus you get hair flowers that texture change into 12 shades and also come with an invisible option. The final new style this week is called Kelsey. This hair sort of looks wind blown over one shoulder and comes with the 26 color streaking option plus your regular wig.

Here's a look at the hairstyhles released last week. Diana is a very pretty side bun that comes with the 26 color streak option and a standard wig. Gigi is one of my favorite looks from Truth. I just love the headband with the 20 dual color options. The final look from last week is called Sabrina. This is a mid-length straight hairstyle that comes with a scripted bauble that texture changes to 18 shades. This hair also includes your standard wig plus one scripted with the 26 color option. Demos at Truth are always free, single color packs are 250L and a fatpack with all colors is 1500L.

NEW Mynerva Fudge Classic Red w/Blonde Brows & Cleavage
Curio Tragic Light Blue Eyes
Mimikri Corsage/Joy Corset in Black
To see more go here :)

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