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Friday, September 10, 2010

Final Hair Fair Post

This post will wrap up all my hair fair favorites unless I spot something on the feeds I can't live my sl without. Let me start by saying I have alot of Analog Dog hair in my inventory and I like their hair designs. But I definitely have issues with the Analog Dog booth at the Hair Fair. I kept crashing while waiting for the system vendors to rez. I suppose crashing was the lag monster rearing it's ugly head. When I realized the reason I didnt have a demo from Analog Dog was because I had to pay for it, I got annoyed and wish I had just moved on... Tell me one good reason why a designer charges 1L for their demo? After all, it gets tossed in the rubbish after one wear. Anyway, I got beyond the lag and the 1L demo, and purchased 2 wigs without trying the demo. BIG MISTAKE! Normally I wouldn't do this, but I had trust in the vendor picture, once it finally rezzed, that the hair would look great. Besides, with all the lag, a demo would never have rezzed. What I got for my 350L was the hair you see below called Seraphina in black. This wig would look fabulous if the pigtail in the back wasn't there. The picture on the vendor looks like the first picture below... had I seen the pigtail in back, I would never have bought this hair. I sent a nc to the designer because this hair is unwearable with the front pigtail. Maybe I'm missing something... why is the pigtail, pulled forward over the shoulder, even in the folder if it cant be worn with the hair on top of my head?
The other wig from Analog Dog is called BAM in cinnamon. This hair comes with split attachment points to keep it from sinking into your chest. I like the crimped look and the color is one of my all time favorites. The designer had to send this to me since it was never delivered. I'm still waiting to hear from them regarding the previous wig.

I'm a big fan of Damselfly Hair and the Kelani updo in cinnamon is adorable.

Damselfly has a Goodie Bag in their booth that contains a fatpack with every color of this wig called Felicity. You need this hair!

LOGO is a new brand in sl that's launching at the Hair Fair. They have 4 new hairstyles in their booth and a goodie bag. I love the Serena hair in ash brown.

The Bethany hair in copper is another new style from LOGO that's absolutely stunning.

Amber in toffee is quite similar to the previous style but longer. I really like the flipped up ends.

My last hair from LOGO is from the Goodie Bag. Inside you'll find a fatpack containing every color of Melissa... You need this hair too!

To see more go here :)


  1. I am shocked at how many desigenrs DID charge $1 for demos, i would like to think they use it for something smart like To compare how many people bought the demo then compare it to how many bought the real hair, but my fear is its so if you take $1 times 50,000 visitors it equals well a hell of a lot of extra income. lol
    I have another concern you didn't bring up about Analog Dog, I too have been buying hair there forever and a day. I went to hair fair after reading your post and bought the Bam hair in my usual SOFT DARKS pack, only the Brown one i love so much is not in the pack anymore, not only that but the color smaple picture still shows it, there are 6 shades on the sample and only 5 shades in the pack. Sent a notecard to the designer to see whats up, just wanted to give you a heads up.

  2. I've had it with 1L demos. I will never be buying Analog Dog again since they always charge for demos and my experience was so dreadful with this brand at the hair fair.

  3. LOL
    no answer yet, but her profile says she doesn't work on weekends =(

  4. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy for Queue
    she contacted me a bit ago and offered a refund or me to pick another color pack and her color huds. They are amazing !!! omg you can dye the hair any color.

  5. I'm glad she gave you good customer service. I still havent heard from her.