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Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 Hair Fair Blogger's Day!

Exile - Meduse in Fall - There's lots of poseballs and unneccessary clutter like fans, crates and ceiling lights in every single tent... why?

The 2010 Hair Fair is open to the Blogger's Group today for the next 15 hours or so... I was so excited, I gave up sleep so I could check out the fair grounds and buy some hair. The fair layout is nice although a bit primmy with unneccessary things like grass, trees and easels with pictures of unbuyable hair. The tents are phantom so you can walk right through them. Hopefully this helps cut down on the lag. I kept walking in circles though, it was hard to get my bearings, every tent looked like the next. I kept going back into the same tents over and over. I didn't like that you had to walk inside to see the vendors. Two years ago I attended my first Hair Fair and soon after I began blogging. This is going to be my 3rd Hair Fair! I think this year will be even more successful than past years since there's so many hair designers involved. I'm enjoying the demos that are being sent to the Demo Group. They keep dropping into my inventory today. I plan on trying on every single one too!

Paste this into local chat and click the link to join the Demo Group: secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about

Here's a few looks from my first shopping excursion this morning.

Bishwear - Sweeney in Bark - This is my favorite hair so far.

Ivanka Akina Hair - Magic - The roses in the hair are scripted to turn off and on.

Damselfly Hair - Avelyne in Ginger - This hair comes with the 2.0 tatoo hairbase to match the hair. I like this option! Fiona - Scornful Red - This hair has a cute bun on the side.

I cant't wait to return to the Hair Fair tonight after rl work!
To see more go here :)

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