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Saturday, January 9, 2010

4 NEW Styles at Truth

Every week I look forward to the new hairstyles at Truth Hair and this week Truth Hawks has done it again. All 4 styles are gorgeous! I love the FREE Kylei Bow Pack and think I look smashing wearing the Lady Gaga look... Single packs are 250L, Fatpacks 1500L and Demoes are free. All 4 styles I'm preveiwing are in the color Dune.

Anya is an adorable updo, the hair sweeps across the brow, behind the ears and fans out in the back with alot of movement.

Imogen is a long straight style, the hair cascades over the left shoulder.

Sasha has braids on both sides, the hair pulled forward over both shoulders. This is the ultimate bedhead, messy and sexy!

Zara has a thick ponytail over the left shoulder, the hair frames the face on both sides with lots of loose tendrils.

The Kylei Bow Pack will turn any Truth Hairstyle into a Lady Gaga look and the best part is the pack is FREE!

To see more go here :)

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