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Friday, January 22, 2010

2 Cleavage Enhancers For Curio Skins

There was alot of chatter in the Curio Group today about Cleavage Enhancers for the Cuiro Skins. Luck Inc has designed an enhancer that works so well with Curio Skins, I was amazed how nice it looked. This picture is the Elf Skin Petal Dark Tone, that was a group gift from Gala Phoenix last Christmas. This is a gorgeous skin and one of my all time favorites. The first model is me wearing the NEW Luck Inc Cleavage Enhancer which comes in an undershirt layer only. The skintone matches perfectly and gives me that very sexy push up bra look! The Luck Inc Cleavage Enhancers come in all tones to match the Curio Skins. In the center, I have no enhancer. The last picture is me wearing the Ayumi Clothing Cleavage Enhancer which comes with 3 layers... jacket, shirt & undershirt. This enhancer also comes in 4 tones, dark, light, superlight and grayscale. I find that I really only wear the dark tone. Both enhancers are fabulous... You be the judge on which one fits your style :)

To see more go here :)

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