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Sunday, January 17, 2010

NEW Mashooka Fairey & Analise Skins 4 Tones 7 Makeups

Mashooka has released a NEW skin called Fairey that is gorgeous in all 4 tones. What amazes me about this skin is the wonderful definition, the shading gives Fairey a very firm, stong and athletic body. There's wonderful shading at the belly and ribs. You get the cleavage on an undershirt layer, the folder also includes 3 sets of eyes, 3 wigs and 1 set of prim eyelashes. Fairey has that girl next door wholesome look. The makeups on both Fairey and Analise are fabulous, this skin can take you from day right into a formal evening.

Analise is a variation on the Fairey face and also NEW from Mashooka. This skin is just as beautiful, but the face is softer. There's nice shading at the nose and mouth to distinguish Analise from Fairey. Both bodies have the same shading, making them very athletic with lots of muscle definition. Bravo to Aradhana Voight, both of these skins are stunning!

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