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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NEW Dernier Cri Charlotte Skin Chestnut Tone - 2 Makeups and NEW HAIR!

I saw this gorgeous face on the feeds and had to try on a demo. This is a beautiful NEW skin from Dernier Cri called Charlotte in Chestnut Tone. I had a difficult time deciding which two makeups I would get since they're all so lovely. After 45 minutes of trying each makeup, I finally zeroed it down to Dawn Steel and Valley Rose. The folder contains 2 skins, with or without freckles and a pair of dark blue eyes. The eye makeup on both is so pretty. Charlotte Dawn Steel has pale blue eye shadow, a dark brow, rosy cheeks and subtle lipstick in a natural shade. The slight blemishing on the body gives Charlotte a realistic skin texture with nice shading at the belly. I'm a big fan of freckles and these are done well on the face although I dont see a difference on the freckled body from the unfreckled skin. The Charlotte Valley Rose has pink eye shadow, dark brows, rosier cheeks and a darker pink lip. I really like the shading on the face that gives Charlotte high cheek bones. This is a gorgeous skin... Bravo to Asuka Martin for this brilliant and beautiful skin! The cute short bob is NEW from Exile called Amilia in Coffee, Duskwood & Sambuca.

Cheryl shade A2 is NEW from Dernier Cri, it's a long style that cascades over both shoulders, frames the face and drapes down the back. This hair has alot of movement on the ends and is so very sexy! I liked the look of this style so much I got the fatpack.

Cloud shade A2 is another long style that's new for me from Dernier Cri. I saw this in the shop, once I tried on the demo I had to have it. I favor bangs and this style has them fringing the forehead, the hair is pushed back behind the shoulders and cascades down the back.

To see more go here :)

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