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Thursday, January 21, 2010

4 NEW Truth Hairstyles!!!

Truth Hawks has released 4 brand NEW hairstyles that are striking examples of his talent as a hair stylist. This week at the Truth Hair Salon you'll find 3 styles with texture change clips to color coordinate with your favorite outfits, a medium length style, an updo and 2 ponytails... talk about variety! All 4 styles I'm showing are in the beautiful shade of Honey.

Kase is a medium length style, the hair sweeps across the brow and cascades over both shoulders and down the back.

Patrice is a ponytail bun combination with the hair off the brow, sitting high on the head and fastened with 4 color change clips. This style will compliment formal or casual attire.

Veruca has a loose side ponytail falling over the left shoulder, the hair sweeping across the forehead, fastened on both side with 2 color change clips. There's lots of movement in the flexi tendrils on both sides of the face.

Veruca 2 is a variation of the previous style, this time the ponytail in back is gathered into a bun, the hair combed across the forehead held back on both sides with 2 color change clips. It has the same loose tendrils framing the face.

Stop by the salon and try on a demo they're free, single color packs are 250L and fatpacks are 1500L. You're sure to find a haircut to fit your style!
To see more go here :)

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