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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

::::IrEn:::: Alison Pale Tone - 9 Makeups

::::IrEn:::: Alison is one of the most unique skins on the grid. She comes in 2 Tones, Pale and Tan. There's 9 makeups, each containing 5 skins... bald, hairbase, freckles, no bewbs and tattooed. This is a gorgeous skin with lovely muscle definition and realistic shading throughout the body. I especially like the Beated, Cry and Smokey makeups, they're 3 very distinct looks. The Cry face is very authentic with a red nose, swollen eyes and ruddy cheeks. The Smokey face is intimidating, she could be a superhero or villan. I love the uniqueness and variety of the Alison Skin. She can go from an arena fighting till the death to the girl next door look.

Alison-Pale All Makeups: Beated Freckled, Black, Cry, Day, Nude, Shadow, Smokey, Tiger & Violet

The most astonishing makeup is the Alison-Pale Beated. If you roll play a warrior, street fighter or crime victim in sl, this makeup is for you. Alison Beated has wounds all over her body! She's battered, bruised and distressed with puncture wounds and trama from head to toe. This makeup looks especially fierce with the tattoo. I was amazed how damaged and truly anguished this skin appears.

Thank you Irischka Hotshot for this look at all 9 Alison Skins!
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