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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hair & Hair

The other day I spotted an avatar with hair that I didnt recognize. Thank you sl for the inspect option, which told me the designer was Sebass Easterwood of Hair & Hair. I had never been to that store before, so the first chance I got I tp'd over to check out the styles. I went on a mini shopping spree and here is my loot! First up is Tami in red. This style is one of the newest designs in the shop and comes scripted to change from a shoulder length hairdo to a ponytail. The scripted wigs are a bit pricey, costing 450L for a single color pack but are definitely well made.

Zora in dark brown is another scripted wig. This hair has a black knitted hairband and comes with either a small amount or a full head of springy curls.

The Freya hair in dark brown I found in the back of the store for 195L. This long braided or dreadlock hair looks great with a hairbase skin.

The Aniela hair in red cost 220L and is a full head of springy curls with a forelock on the brow. I like the springy movement of the curly hairs from this store.

The Alicia hair in magestic has a purplish tint. I found this hair for 99L on the discount wall in the back of the shop by the lucky chair. Incidentally, there's alot of different wigs in the lucky chair which changes every 2 minutes.

The final hairstyle is called Aarika. I liked this hair so much I bought 2 colors, red and dark brown for 220L each. I hope you liked this look at the loot from my shopping spree at Hair & Hair :)

To see more go here :)

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