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Friday, July 9, 2010

NEW Jolie Skin!

She looks like Angelina Jolie...

The Jolie Skin is NEW at the Unique MEGASTORE and she's flawless. The fatpack contains 12 makeups with 4 skins each: normal and cleavaged with hairbases for both. The assorted makeups are done really well, there's an impressive array of everday and couture looks. I particularly like makeup 2 with the multicolored eyeshadow and 3 with the freckles. Jolie has brown eyebrows drawn perfectly and soft eyeshadows on both the upper and lower lids. The lipsticks are vibrant red, pink and neutral colors with a bottom lip that glistens. The last 4 makeups have open lips. I'm not a big fan of the open mouth, but these are done well too, the teeth are very sublte.

The skin texture is creamy smooth, you have to look close to see the slight blemishing that gives her a realistic hue. Jolie has a soft feminine belly, curvy buttocks and nice shading at the spine and clavical. This skin is breathtaking! The Unique MEGASTORE skins are a bit pricey, but you definitely come away with a quality product. Single makeups are 1499L, with the best bargain coming in the fatpack of all 12 makeups for 4999L.

To see more go here :)

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