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Thursday, July 29, 2010

NEW Pulchra Skin from Baiastice!

I'd like to introduce Pulchra, she's the new face of Baiastice and she's stunning!

The Pulchra skin has so much character and comes in 7 tones: ultra-dark, dark, tan, sunkiss, peach, pale and porcelaine. The 30 assorted makeups, from a pure clean barely there face to evening couture looks are all beautifully done. The fatpack has shimmering eyeshadows and glossy lips, the color palate is extraordinary. Pulchra has a pert little nose, rosy cheeks and a refined brow. I really like the way the brows compliment the face. The lips are perfection, they're like candies, with every lipstick color you can think of represented. This skin has it all! I photographed the sunkiss tone in red because it's my favorite :)

Pulchra has wonderful illustration overall with great muscle tone depicted, she has a very sinewy and sexy body. The soft feminine belly and chest are both striking because they’re so realistic. This skin is very reasonably priced at 850L for a single makeup and a mini fatpack of 10 skins is 4250L. What I really like about the Pulchra skinline is the hairbase skins and the variety of hair attachments to match each hair color. The hairbase wigs are very affordable too at 150L each and look amazing with the hairbase skins. Bravo Sissy Pessoa for such a dazzling skinline!

The Baiastice Group was given Pulchra in peachtone. This is a special makeup #31 for the group only and includes the Black Pandora Hair Attachment. There is no fee to join the group, all you have to do is send a notecard to Sissy Pessoa requesting to be added. The skin is in the notices.

To see more go here :)

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  1. Good post! this is exactly what we need form all skin designers a contact sheet with all makeups on a website, in world also does but for me on a website is even better. As you have no rez time and pictures can be big and high quality. :)

    And it was a good move to lower you mouth a little although i would have yield for 15% :P But most of all you need to be happy :)