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Saturday, July 24, 2010

NEW Mynerva Skin

The face of an angel...

Mynerva is a new skinmaker for me. I'm such a skinfreak I'm amazed I never tried this skinline before today. What I like most about Mynerva skins is that they're reasonably priced. Each individual makeup is 700L. You get all 4 brow options: black, blonde, brown and red in every single makeup folder with a normal or enhanced cleavaged skin for each. I originally went to the shop figuring I'd get one skin if I really liked them. Well you know how that goes. Once there trying on demos, I couldn't make up my mind, on which single makeup to get.... so I ended up buying a mini fatpack for 2000L. I'm particularly fond of the red brows, since red headed skins are hard to find in sl. All 4 of the eyebrows are beautifully drawn, with individual hairs highlighted. This is the face of an angel with 3 blemishes or beauty marks that look very natural. She has well proportioned lips, a nicely defined nose and rosy cheeks. The lipsticks are neutral shades of red and pink with a glossy sheen. Each eyeshadow is perfectly shaded with a nice contrast to the upper and lower lids. What can I say, this face is adorable!

The body is perfection too. The cocoa skintone has a creamy rich sheen, I like the deep tanned look. The illustration at the abs, the curvy buttocks and the sexy cleavage is excellent. The only flaw I can find with this skin is the lack of a hairbase. Other than that, this skin is outstanding. Thank you Camilla Mirabeau, if I hadn't met you today, I wouldn't have tried Mynerva skins :) Bravo Rhapzody Wilde on this admirable skinline!

To see more go here :)

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