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Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Precious Agnes Finney Discounted Dresses & Newness!

My Precious Agnes Finney has several beautifully designed dresses in the shop that I want to spotlight today. First up is the Paige Green dress which is discounted to $L10 so everyone can afford one. The skirt on this cocktail dress has really nice movement.

Lu is another attractive cocktail dress with a babydoll sculpted skirt in a pink floral texture. The skirt is scripted for size so you can adjust it to fit your avatar perfectly. If you're not in the My Precious Agnes Finney group it will cost you $L250. Yikes! You need to join the group since the dress is discounted to $L10 for group members. There is a $L100 fee to join the My Precious Agnes Finney Group but the discounts make it worthwhile.

Paste this into local chat, click the link and pay the fee to join the My Precious Agnes Finney Group: secondlife:///app/group/ae2ea40a-43b4-43d6-ae51-424bee7c0b08/about

The last dress I want to showcase is the lovely Feena1. This is a strapless cocktail dress in a black swirly print. I'm wearing the shorter rose trimmed black flexi skirt. The dress comes with a matching rose shoulder piece that's very pretty. Both the skirt and the shoulder attachment are scripted for size so you can adjust them to fit your avatar. I really like the Eternity Black Hat which complements this dress perfectly. The overall effect of this ensemble is a sleek and sexy cosmopolitan look.

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